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About OurCommunityConnection


I love the site and recommend it to everyone! Keep up the great work!
- Lisa Oliver

Your site is really a great place to find activities and things to do.
- Jenna Paulsen, Wild Oats

What a priceless service, you're offering. I'm finding myself using it more and more.
- Melissa Bond

We ... think your website is terrific both in content and intent.
- Kathryn Toll, Salt Lake City Film Center

I picked up this website at the Golden Braid bookstore...what a wonderful project this is ..I love it..I have dreamed of either doing this or finding this website...finding it is so much easier....what a gift to our community..Thanks..! I'm on as long as you are here!!!!
- Bonnie

Thank you for spreading the word. I love the site.
- Derek Dyer

I just want you to know that I love your site! I hope that the friends I refer to the site visit also, as it is a great site for enriching the "whole person."
- Jodi Monaco

You are doing wonders locally.
– Joe Kane

Keep up the outstanding work. In fact, I'm making copies of your home page to hand out tonight so no one forgets your URL until they can bookmark it!
– Robyn Moriarty Kruppa, Fiber, graphic artist

I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for the community!
– Rick Bishop, Faux Ever Finishes

I just found this site and have spent the last enjoyable hour finding out what's around town. You have done an outstanding job in putting together this web guide -it is clean, attractive, easy to navigate, and very, very informative. Kudos to you all and thank you for this comprehensive look at our great town. I'm telling everyone!
– Robyn K.

Thank you for all you do... I love your web site and your open communication style.
- Debbie M. Lewis, University of Utah David Eccles School of Business

Thanks to you for all your time and efforts in this community!!! You do much for many. And thanks for being such a wonderful leader and conduit for our community in so many ways.
– Lori Mertz

Thank you for this great website...!
- Laura Snedaker

I found this to be one of the most interesting, informative and user-friendly community resources I have seen. You have done an excellent job of collecting information and getting your community to use this service.
- Richard Osborne

Thanks for all you do for women in Salt Lake. I really appreciate your willingness to let folks know about upcoming events. Thanks for your great service.
- Kayleen Simmons, People Helping People

Thanks for putting together such a great resource for our community.
– Vicky Wason

Thanks for a terrific community resource.
- Nicholas Walker

You are an inspiration. I love what you do for the community.
– Suzanne Roberg, Aura Spa

Just wanted to say thank you for what seems like a lot of effort put forth. Once again........THANK YOU!
- Cat Crovo

Your drive to do good for people is really beautiful.   Keep up the good work.
- Brett Rodgers

Great site and thanks for helping facilitate connections in our community!
- Jen Colby

Thanks for your progressive site - an asset to SLC.
– Karen Horne, Horne Fine Art

Thanks for what you do for the community, you've developed a great resource.
- Sandy Kerman, Kerman Design Inc.

Great website! Thanks for providing a source of resources!
- Sandra Malbon, Storyteller

Thank you so much for such an informative site.
- Wendy Warner, Clinical Herbalist

Thank YOU for providing such a wonderful service to our community...
- Liz Sweeten

Way to go - this is a great way to bring awareness to the community.
- Jana Sheehan, Massage Therapist

Thank you for offering so much to this community!
- Maura Powers

This site is a tremendous public service which has been very much needed. The format...is extremely inviting. The aesthetics are very emotive. It looks like Salt Lake City and environs has a good start on a sustainable community website. The cost for businesses seems VERY reasonable, possibly even undervalued. I hope this site can also be a catalyst in building sustainable change in Utah.
- Marita Haberland

I love Our Community Connection. What a great service on this beautiful Internet.
– Ned Nerdin

Great site, thanks for the energy you put into it.
- Tom Price

It's great to see Our Community Connection continue to grow.
- Jason Groenwold, Fair Utah

Thanks again - your site is great!
- Sharon Aaron, Unity of Salt Lake

Thank you for this marvelous resource.
- David Allen

I have been hearing about "OurCommunityConnection" from several different friends...It's a wonderful idea, beautifully executed. Even with a slow modem everything downloaded quickly, and I found navigation easy and intuitive.   Best of all the design doesn't detract from the message, as it does in so many websites.
- Chris Noble, noblefoto.com

The beauty and warmth of the offerings here will deepen and nourish the souls of those who are graced to stop by.
- Kathryn Dixon, Clarity Coaching

What a wonderful resource.   I've made copies of your web address for numerous interested people and will announce it in staff meeting!   Thank you so much for sending it!! LOVE IT!
- Yvonne B.

I just wanted to let you know that the website is INCREDIBLE!!!!! You've done such an over-the top, professional, artful, heartful, wonderful job! I'm very impressed and very excited to be a part of it and to spread the word.
- Erin Geesaman, BodyHappy.com

This is a georgous site and obviously a gift of love.
- Randal D.

What a wonderful site!!!!!
- Jon B.

About Us

Welcome to your portal to real community – right here, right now.

You've just found the largest hub for easy-to-use information in the Salt Lake progressive community. All of this was created with you in mind!

How does a one-person company manage to bring you a site that's got more information and is easier to use than those giant, national or newspaper sites?

Because, I care more about connecting you to what YOU care about than getting you to look at tons of banner ads or making you click lots of times to find anything useful so they can report lots of clicks to their advertisers.

I believe you should be able to find what you're looking for without playing "Where's Waldo."

Have you tried a keyword search in that box at the top of the page? It actually gives you relevent results! Some of the most popular search words (just to get you thinking) are: comedy, festivals, free, veggie, children's, peace, holistic.

Or maybe there's an event you heard about, but don't have the details? Just try a search with the performer's name or whatever you do know.

We add hundreds of new events every month! So visit often.

Personalized Event Notification
An original feature of OurCommunityConnection.com – a free weekly email custom-made to your own personal appetites and aspirations. And you'll find things that fall through the cracks of mainstream media, like holistic workshops, political activism, spiritual gatherings, and last minute events. It keeps you connected, saves time, and saves trees. Great combo!

Find out about your favorite events. Filter out the rest. Try it out.

A Directory of Progressive Businesses
Check out the fastest growing directory of local, independent businesses. Who do you want to do business with?

"The Yellow Pages are SO over."
Anne Windsor, local visionary and astrologer

When you spot a listing that intrigues you, don't hesitate to contact them.
Our advertisers are happy to answer questions about how they may be able to help you. The personal connection is the most important thing. The resources listed here are the people as much as what they offer (And you can help them out by letting them know what it was about their ad that spoke to you).

Also, feel free to call or email us if you're looking for something specific.
I know most of the people listed in the directory personally and can often help you find what you're looking for.

And check out:

Cosmic Connections
Our Community Marketplace - Trade, buy and sell
Mapmakers - A non-traditional business support network
Growing your Business Organically!© - A free newsletter
Holistic Website design

And coming in 2005, Classified ads for jobs, free stuff, personal ads, living spaces and much more!

Hi, I'm Sylvia Nibley, founder of OurCommunityConnection.com. My vision is to make it easier for you to connect with things that make your life more meaningful.

The idea for this website came as a "bolt out of the blue," after 10 years with a successful, holistic healing practice and a car accident that pushed me in a new direction.

Oh, and I build websites too, if you need one, check it out.


Special thanks to:

Michiru Onizuka-Kempen,
While working on her MFA degree in Modern Dance at the University of Utah and researching dance in traditional Navajo culture, Michiru manages to fill the Event Calendars up with the wonderful things that are happening in Salt Lake. Her great work behind the scenes helps many connections happen. Thanks Michiru!

Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of people in the Salt Lake area who already value things like the Arts, Environment, Holistic Health, Community and making the world a better place?

It's true, but most people don't realize it because we only see fragments of the whole picture. Be part of the solution and share this progressive resource with your friends.
Together we can make a difference!

Your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Tell me what you think. This website is here for YOU!

Love to all,





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