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Cosmic Connections


Cosmic Connections

Play on the edge of order and chaos and create new possibilities!

When you click below, you'll get a random match from our large directory of progressive, local businesses and non-profits
from the community events calendar.


Here are some ideas for ways to play with that 'random' match.

  • See if you can figure out your connection to them. We all know about the small-world phenomenon. Can you find the "six degrees of separation" and strengthen your network?

  • Or, like drawing a card from a deck, focus on a question or issue and then click.

    Maybe ask yourself a question like:
    What challenges am I facing right now?
    Who can help?
    What would make my life easier?
    Who could I be of service to?

  • Is the connection obvious right away?

  • What are your intuitive impressions?


What appears to be random is actually a higher form of order.
- Duncan Watts

If we look up at the stars and see the planets, we see a further example of great orderliness. In creation, there is no randomness, a fact that is the basis for all physical sciences.
- Hans Decoz

If you like this sort of stuff, click here to check out some cool tidbits from theoretical mathematicians.

Invite synchronicity. Ask a few questions. Trust. Have fun!

Cosmic Connection from Resources

Cosmic Connection from Events


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