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List your event – Get the word out!

Make sure the people who want to know about your event, find out about it!

If you want to reach people in Utah who are interested in the arts, culture, holistic health, environment, personal growth, social consciousness, transformation and community, you're in the right place.

In just a few minutes, you can: spread the word about your events, save time and money – you can even save trees and stamps.

Your listing at OurCommunityConnection.com reaches the people you want to reach and does the work of a whole lot of flyers/postcards/etc. and look how much cheaper and easier it is.

All event listings:

  • get sent directly to subscribers of the weekly Personalized Event Notification email. These people have asked for events like yours.

  • show up on the main calendar page

  • get included in as many categories as they belong.

  • are searchable by keywords (as many as you can think of)

  • include all of your contact info and a weblink.

  • stay posted until the day after the event. We don't charge for the amount of time your listing is live.
Choose your size
Basic - Free

Up to 20 words of description about your event.


Large - $10

Get more response. Give people what they want - more information! Large listings include an image, up to 70 words of description and featured placement in the calendar.



Add a Full page - $10


Tell the whole story.
Just email us your flyer as a pdf or Word doc and we'll add it to your Large listing as a clickable link.


This opens up to this



We can also build a custom webpage for your event (see examples).

Spotlight - $50/week

Highest visibility!
Your Spotlight gets seen:

on the home page of OurCommunityConnection
every time subscribers click on event links in the weekly Event Notification email.
This gets you thousands of views.

Your Spotlight is clickable to the next thing you want people to see. It could link to a special landing page that we make, a listing, or your own website.

This is the best "top billing" bargain in town!

Email to reserve dates

Since I opened my gallery, OurCommunityConnection.com has been a terrific resource for getting the latest info out to the public for me. And I think this is filling a big need in our community.
– Pam O'Mara, Utah Artist Hands

Thanks so much, everything on my listing looks great!!!
You have an incredible project. I admire what you are doing and it is benefiting Salt Lake and all who live here so much. You are the connection to many!!!
– Susan K.

I have attended about 30% more events since receiving the weekly updates.   OurCommunityConnection.com provides memorable advertising and a low cost marketing solution.
– Lila Davis-Harding, The Corporate Muse

We just looked at your web site.   Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is a wonderful resource. As an event planner I will be submitting some of my "more conscious" events.
– Michelle Bruno

Thanks SO much, you have a great, great product here!
– Robyn

I am impressed!   What a calendar you've compiled!!
Lori Mertz

Thanks. We had a good turn out and several people emailed me from your notice.
– Michael Smith

Thanks so much. The listing looks great and we're glad we found you.
– Paul Reynolds, Wasatch Frame Shop

Thanks for the great service you provide. We had a terrific turnout at the fundraiser and I feel the listing on your site really helped.  Kids Playing for Kids, benefit concert at Realms of Inquiry to benefit the overflow homeless shelter -- raised $1800+.
- Michele Straube

...you get a concise email of everything you want to know about, according to your personal profile. We have found it a huge time saver and it has allowed us to "find" things we wouldn't have known about any other way. Everyone who offers a service or plans an event needs to be hooked into this internet garden of connection.
– Russell M.

I want to let you know I have enough people signed up for the workshop... and that I can say it will happen for sure. I know that the ad on the web page has helped a lot.   It has been important for people to see the flier online.
– Jane Holt

My search efforts through City Search and through the tons of listings in City Weekly left me baffled and overwhelmed.

Your service helped me narrow down my search to the information I hoped to have. Thank you, thank you.
– Claire Hughes

Tips to get maximum visibility for your listing

Do you organize and promote a lot of events? We can make it even easier to get the word out. Click here for more info.

* One event name is considered one listing, whether it's a one-day event, several dates or ongoing.

* Nonprofits get a 10% discount on all paid listings.


Feel free to call 801-486-8444 or email us with any questions.
 Get the word out to more people now!


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