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List your business – attract more clients!

More people are turning to the internet every day to find what they're looking for. Do they find you?

If you are a local, independent business (or non-profit) committed to making the world a better place and you want to reach people in Utah who are interested in the arts, culture, holistic health, environment, personal growth, social consciousness, transformation and community, you're in the right place.

Increase your visibility at a fraction of the cost of print advertising.

Get more visitors to your website.

Listings are posted in the order received, so submit yours today for the best placement!



All Resource Directory listings:

  • get included in as many categories as they belong.

  • are searchable by keywords (as many as you can think of)

  • include all of your contact info and a weblink.

  • get clicks from "Cosmic Connections".

Choose your size
Basic - Free

Up to 20 words of description about your business.


Large - $12.50/month or $120/yr (save $30)

Get more response. Give people what they want - more information! Large listings include an image, up to 70 words of description, featured placement and more visibility in the Resource Directory.



Add a full page - $100-200


Tell the whole story.
If you don't have a website, this is a great way to have a professional online presence in a simple, one page web brochure. You can even link it to your own domain name.

This opens up to this



We also build custom websites (see examples).

Submit your large listing right away and call Sylvia at 801-486-8444 to get your full page started.
Ad more power and visibility to your listing    

Get more attention with the "highly recommended" symbol. There is no charge for this. All it takes to get the symbol added to your listing is to have 10 or more testimonials linked to your listing so that people can read them.

Your testimonials may be on your own website or on your full page listing with OurCommunityConnection. Use the power of word of mouth referrals - the most effective way to grow your business!

Just email us when you have 10 or more testimonials and we'll get the "highly recommended" symbol working for you.



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Spotlight - $50/week

Highest visibility!
Your Spotlight gets seen:

on the home page of OurCommunityConnection
every time subscribers click on event links in the weekly Event Notification email.
This gets you thousands of views.

Your Spotlight is clickable to the next thing you want people to see. It could link to a special promotion, your Large event listing, your Resource Directory listing, your Full page or your own website.

This is the best "top billing" bargain in town!


Email to reserve dates

I am so excited about your website! It is so awesome! I'm referring everybody I know to it because I just like the whole idea of the community being able to interconnect this way.

People can put their stuff up there and know that they'll be found by other people. It's such a beautiful website! It's so easy to find what I'm looking for on it! I love it!
– Elena

OurCommunityConnection.com is a web site unlike any other.   It is a multi-faceted approach to our community, providing a listing of community events and a listing of businesses.  

You can even sign up for a customized and personal email reminder of the events that you are intersted in. I can't possibly express my adoration of this site ... so I suggest you check it out yourself.
– Dondra Nance

Your site gives me lots of choices for resources in the areas that interest me. I'm able to see a myriad of information in one place - information and resources that feel like "my kind of people."

The surprise and delight is that ...I find things that I didn't even know I was looking for - but it is always something I really need (like Holistic Physicians).

I feel like your site has broadened my scope of what is available in my community.
– Pam O'Mara, Utah Artist Hands

For the businesses that want to connect directly with their customer base, OurCommunityConnection.com provides a great avenue.

The rapid growth of the website-based business proves that the service offers a very unique and user-friendly option -- one that is greatly needed by both small businesses and their busy consumer public.
– Lila Davis-Harding, The Corporate Muse

I think what you're doing with Our Community Connection is so dearly needed. Thank you.
– Sharon Stasney, The Feng Shui Training Center

I was browsing the Resource part of the site and saw all these cool people that I know..... It's really a friendly site you've developed. Fabulous work!
- Cathy Pollock Alexander Technique Teacher

Everyone who offers a service or plans an event needs to be hooked into this internet garden of connection.
- Russell M.

I'm very impressed with the functionality and the beauty of the site. You are doing such a great job. Thanks for all you do. Keep doing it.
- Bill Ruesch

It is so hard to stop - I just keep clicking and clicking! IT   IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Man alive - I just never get tired of being here!
– Pamela B.

I think the whole concept is fantastic.
– Todd Mangum, M.D.

Tips for ads that work.

* Nonprofits get a 10% discount on all paid listings.

Feel free to call 801-486-8444 or email with any questions.
 Get the word out to more people now!


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