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Community Connections Network

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What is the Community Connections Network?

Sponsored by Sylvia Nibley of the Conscious Business Circle and OurCommunityConnection.com, the Community Connections network is a dynamic group of over 450 businesses with heart. A whole room full of us gather once a month for lunch – to connect, to inspire, to support each other and grow our businesses with a balance of heart and practical tools.

We are a nontraditional network for extraordinary businesses.

We are following our hearts and passion in our work.
We are bringing consciousness to commerce.
We are choosing to take risks to follow a greater sense of calling.
We are are doing business in new ways.
We are choosing to live in love and let go of fear.
We are visionaries.
We are stronger when we come together and connect.

If this resonates with you, you are invited to join us!

See some of the members of the Community Connections network in the Resource Directory, here.

Upcoming Luncheon Meetings

Always on 3rd Wednesdays

11:30am - 1pm at Sizzler 371 East 400 South, Salt Lake City
RSVP by Tues to Sylvia Nibley at (801) 486-8444 or email.

January 20th, 2010
February 17th
March 17th
April 14th
May 19th
June 16th
July 21st
Aug 18th
Sept 15th
Oct 20st
Nov 17th
Dec 15th

How do I join?

wreathJust email or call me (Sylvia) and ask to be put on the list.

The group is free! The only cost is the price of your lunch at the monthly meetings. The only requirement is to stay connected with the group and let us see you once in a while.


Member Benefits

You get all the benefits of building relationships and networking with a diverse group of wonderful people who share the values of heart-centered business.

You get to be in the spotlight and speak about your gifts.

You get occasional emaisl that keep you in touch with events members are offering and classifieds for network members. You can see the calendar link here.

You get to be in the directory link that goes out to all members and is part of the public Resource Directory at OurCommunityConnection.com.

And we could go on with all kinds of other practical benefits, but really the thing that most people say keeps them coming back is the ENERGY!

Here are a few comments about the question, "What do you like most about the group?"

The level of energy, the vitality of the group and the diversity. New ways to see the world through healthy and energetic ways.

The people and the energy they bring.

Non-traditional vibe of it all. the energy of people with common goals coming together in support of one another.

I love to network with business owners and hear what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how successful they are. The talks are great too.

I like the openness of the group, the new thought foundation and connectedness of what we are co-creating. I also like the access I have to what the group offers for either my use or the use of others that I know.

What I liked most when I came was being with a group of people that I felt comfortable with.

I really like the structured format – I think it works perfectly. There is a definite schedule of events which is consistent from meeting to meeting, which to me helps the group feel professional and organized. Without the right leadership, a group like this could easily unravel into something stagnant and uninteresting, but it manages instead to acheive what I would consider a very difficult balance – the group feels stable and sustainable, AND it does so without losing the excitement that got it together in the first place.

The openness of people – their expression of what they think and how they feel about contributing to the community.

The marvelous energy of the group. the atmosphere feels loving, accepting and stimulating
The leadership given by Sylvia Nibley is excellent. The group seems to attract high quality professionals. I have increased the productivity of my business through my participation.

Diversity of professional people and entrepreneurs. Has allowed me to meet many people who have changed careers and have dedicated all or part of their professional and personal lives to helping people and making the world a better place.

The diverse members of the group. The good and peaceful ambiance.

A nicely diverse group of fantastic individuals. Meetings are central, efficient and friendly.

Connecting with like minded people who are all entrepreneurs and business owners. We encourage each other tremendously.

The wonderful energy!

The energy in the room. The comraderie.

...I love the energy of the people.

I like the energy of the group. I also have enjoyed the lunch lectures. They have been very informative for me...

The people that you have attracted, the connectedness and safeness of the group. It's a networking group that has heart integrated into businesses.

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More Testimonials

 Meeting photo by Steve Smith of Smith Productions.

I just wanted to compliment you on starting something that is so worthwhile, it is simply amazing! The energy the group puts out!! Wow - what a dynamic group!! I especially enjoyed the speaker today. I think we all know those things are possible, we just need to be reminded of it and taught how to make the energy work for us.
– Sharon

I will be there! I had such a good time last month, it is a priority for me! Thank you and shine on!
– Laura S.

Mapmakers is awesome. I had a wonderful time.
– Tara

There is a real feeling of comraderie amongst the attendees. Having been gone for 4 months, I really noticed it.
- Paige Paulsen

Thank you - not only for arranging the meeting every month, but for your obvious love and your gift of service to this community.

It has been so fun to look at your updates and realize the love that is pouring forth from Our Community Connection. You all make such a difference. Just being in your presence has transformed how I think of business networks, people in business and community, and the use of business talents to the Greater Good.
– Leslie

It will really be a joy to get to know this wonderful group and find ways to be involved with some of them. I just want to thank you for coming up with this network of artistic and talented people to mingle with. I will make it a point to take the time each month to come if at all possible.

All I know for sure is that my business is deeply rewarding when I come from a place of "sharing my experience, strength & hope" with others, when it is given over to spirit. I simply do not "flower" in the old business, marketing ways. I would love to gather with like minded people who are walking this path....Thank you for creating this new circle. It felt awesome.
- Marla Dee

You are such a brilliant diamond, not only for Utah but for getting people gathered together! Bravo!
- Patricia Steigauf

We find ourselves bouncing through radical transitions these days -within and without- and as a result we are truly beginning to take refuge in the love instead of the fear. To connect with our deepest hearts and open minds in the Business Dance is an opportunity to bring all of ourselves to all of our lives with sacred support. Ah, the miracles that await us now as we give our gifts from the truth of us.
- Kathryn Dixon

What a fine gathering! Thank you so much! I had a great time. Met some great people and I've been in the BEST mood all day!
-Marjie Noble

This is sooo welcome.
- Sue Click

What a GREAT get-together - Thank you for organizing it !
- Wendy M.

I'll be looking forward to these!
- Patricia McWhorter

I wanted to say THANK YOU for organizing all....that you do. I am seeing a whole new side of SLC since I moved back. It's very encouraging and supportive. I was delightfully surprised and awed to see as many people at the luncheon today that attended. I look forward to future luncheons and breakout groups.
- Lynda Staples

Have you noticed how everything you touch turns to gold? What fabulous energy you have. I love, love Map Makers.
- Donna Mariechild, Life Coach for Women

I LOVE it! And am thrilled to be asked to participate.
- Laura Arellano

Once again thank you for providing another forum for sharing, creativity and enlightenment. Each meeting proves more exciting and fulfilling as our community of Mapmakers evolves and expands!
– Lisa O.

What a beautiful group of people. I loved being a part of what you have created....Thank you so much for including me. I am grateful for the existence of this circle, even when I cannot attend.....it helps me keep the faith.
– Naomi

Thanks for facilitating such a great "convergence" today---I was very touched by some of the stories and inspired by people's goals.
– Laura E.

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