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Clear & SIMPLE Certified TM

Organizer Training Program 

Clear & Simple is excited to offer a comprehensive three-tiered Training Program for becoming an Organizing Specialist.  Come join the wave of entrepreneurs who are transforming homes & businesses.

Choose from the following trainings that are designed to step you from a beginner to an advanced consultant:

The Foundation: Self Study Program

The Framework: 5 Day Intensive Training

The Finish: Advanced Organizer Training

Clear and Simple Training 
  Organization of space, systems and time is needed every day, yet there is little training available to teach us this vital skill. 

Clear & Simple excels in training individuals
and groups about organizing on all levels. 
Our systems help you identify where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

Hands on Organizing Team
  The Clear and Simple Team of Organizing Specialists is committed to transforming your space and systems. We offer a variety of services to address all our clients' needs and budgets.
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