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Holistic Web Design


Holistic Website design by Sylvia Nibley

There are over 142 million active internet users and growing in the US, as of May, 2005. Homes in the Western US are the most wired at 67 percent...

A website can be the most powerful and effective marketing tool you have.

It can build your credibility, your visibility, your relationship with clients and your sales.

You know you need to be on the web, but you don't want a site that makes you look unprofessional or just like everyone else. Your website needs to reflect you clearly and authentically and attract the right clients for you.

After 10 years as a holistic practitioner, I've found that the principles of healing apply to everything we do, including making a website and marketing a business. The very process of creating a site can bring fragments together into a unified whole and create clarity of purpose that allows you to take your work to the next level.

Services offered:

• Simple, one-page websites
• Custom multi-page websites
• Website makeovers
• Website maintenance
• Domain name management
• Graphic Design and images for your site
• Editing
• Visioning
• Marketing Consulting

Download my free report – "Top 10 reasons a website can be your most powerful marketing tool!"

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Here are some sites I've done (in addition to OurCommunityConnection.com):

Multi-page sites        
Currently under construction
Currently under construction



Simple, one-page sites        





Sylvia is a Creative Godsend!! I originally sat down with her thinking I knew exactly what my website would look like. She spent a great deal of time getting to know me, really listening to who I am as well as what I was trying to portray. She helped me bring real clarity to my web site.

The web site has been a big plus in promoting my business for several reasons. People are in a hurry and it's been valuable for people to be able to sit down when time permits and refer to my site. It has been helpful for people to read it over more than once because the concepts behind my practice take a shift in thinking and are not always understood the first or even second time around. Many of the people my site has been forwarded to live in areas where herbal medicine is unknown and Echinacea is the only herb they've heard of.

I love all the links and the ability for people to forward to a friend, which sends me a notification with both people's emails so that I can followup. Within a week I had my first client from the website, who was excited to realize I worked with people with food allergies.

To me the biggest surprise is how it opened me up to talk to people daily about what I do and hand out business cards. And the response! My friends have been shocked at how professional the website looks but the comment is always followed by "Wendy, it's so...you!"
- Wendy Warner, SLC, UT

Thank you for the outstanding work you do. Your insight and skill has given VOLTI a "national presence." I get compliments – many compliments!
– Chuck Acklin, Volti

The website you built is amazing!!! You are awesome, THANKS!
- Liz Johnson, SOL Sanctuary

My feature page is so perfect!!   Thank you so much for working with me on it.   I think it looks more than great, it is fabulous!!!   I am really, really, happy with it. It has been alot of fun working with you!!! Your attention to the small details will surely pay off...   It is such a stupendous idea, bravo!!!
- Susan K.

She does beautiful work, her rates are very reasonable, and the demographics of her customers are probably EXACTLY the folks who will be most likely to be raging fans...
- Kathryn Dixon, Clarity Coaching

AWESOME, I am so pleased!!!!! I love your graphic design work! You are so wonderful!! Carol Pope, Oxy Fitness

Our website is fabulous! Thank you!
- Uli Knorr and Leslie Peterson Eastside Natural Health Clinic

I really appreciate all of your work on my site. It has really helped my business grow. Thanks again.
- Amy Batchler, Amy's Green Clean


All custom websites include a free large listing in the Resource Directory which brings visitors to your website (a $150 value)!

I'd be happy to answer any questions and help demystify the process of having a strong online presence.

Call me at 801-486-8444 for a no-obligation, free consultation.





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